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Dedicated Marketing

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Dear Friends,

As you know this is the era of high competition (domestic and international). globalization has increased the competition. this competition has lowered the profitability of the companies. Establishing and established companies are looking for new market (domestically and internationally) and spending billions of dollars in developing of their markets. but success does not come in a day it takes time. A company can achieve good business who keeps long term vision.

cookyourtrade.com provides following kind of

  • Contractual Industrial Marketing Services
  • Industrial Survey
  • Cold Calls
  • Focused Email Marketing
  • Display ads in Industrial Magazines
  • Conversion of Product into Brand.
  • Online Promotion of Brand and Brand Management.
  • Online Marketing Services

We do not believe in bulk emailing as this type of emailing results in poor response but we believe in focused email marketing where every mail is counted.

In the focused email marketing we first conduct the survey on internet, industrial magazine and find out who are the possible customers for a specified product (supplied by you) then we start making cold calls and email the introductory of the company to the customers by this way we refine the list of possible customers. the intention behind making cold calls is to find out the their exact requirement, their applications, scope of the material, contact person and decision makers etc. if inquiries are technical then these inquiries will be forwarded to the concerned person of your companies. once we find out the potential customers then we send company catalogs to customers in india to keep the customer`s interest live. we regularly check the interest level, offer status on phone.
We process the weekly report on customers to the company (you) to keep you updated. for one kind of product we take one company only and work dedicatedly for them. we display the advertisement in industrial magazines on the request of company. All type of Industries we cover.

One company can sustain its business by touching the prospective customers in continuous way (directly and indirectly). Prospective supplier must be in the mind of the prospective customers before generating inquiries. Aggressive marketing helps in developing market

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