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China Changsha Zhonglong Chemical Co Ltd 

About Company:
Dear Sirs,

Good day!

we are glad to avail of this opportunity to introduce ourselves, we are one of the biggest manufacturer and export of Zirconia powder and ceramic ball in China , now we would like to introduce our relative product's information to you.
1.Yttria stabilized zirconia bead.
Specific density......6.02
Size:0.2mm to 50mm

2.Ceria stabilized zirconia bead.
Specific density.....6,2
Size:0.6mm to 20mm

3.Zirconium silicate bead.
Specific density..... 4,0
Size:0.2mm to 20mm
advantage: it is 1100HV1, other factory is about 800HV1.so long term wear is very low, meantime the Al2o3 content is very low, so Few pollution.

4.Alumina ball.
Composition: Al2O3: 92%
Specific Gravity: 3.6 gcm3

5.Zirconia powder: Zirconium Oxychloride, Zirconium Carbonate, Zirconium Dioxide and Yttria zirconia powder etc

Please kindly note that we have professional machine to test and control density,size and arbrasion etc!So we can Strictly control the quality.
welcome to visit our factory!

We are waiting for your further news.

Company China Changsha Zhonglong Chemical Co Ltd
Address no 766 wuyi road,changsha,hunan,china
Telephone 0086-73184427228
Fax: 086-73184453877
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Contact Person Gordon
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