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About Us

GIRS is team of professionals. Most of the professionals are well qualified and experienced. Initially we were focused on domestic market but as the Globalization are increasing and India is emerging as Big Market for foreign companies. We expand our dimensions and enter the international market. So in India there is the big demand of Buying & Selling in industrial segments.

GIRS is here to serve the foreign companies, foreign importers & exporters. Our objectives are to provide all the services at one stop destination. Our main strength is our growing and garbage free huge database. Our company is new but our professionals have been enriched by long industrial experience. We believe in dealing with genuine & active buyers and sellers. Supply chain management is our other objective in which we strengthen the supply chain from seller to buyer or vice versa.

Our main strength is our garbage free big data base. We always try to give latest information to our clients based on Market Research. We believe that “ Hit the iron when it hot”.

Member`s Profile

Mr. Punit Mittal

Graduate (In Marketing Management), Expert in Script Writing 

He is a qualified professional. He has 5 years experience of online and field marketing experience

Mr. Anuj– Technical Head

MBA, M.Tech in Pulp & Paper Technology (from IIT, Roorkee)

As Head of Technical Team Anuj Singal has overall responsibility for technical operation/ guideline. He has been enriched by13 years experience to work with Leading Process Industries Like Pulp & Paper Industries. During his industrial job various tasks completed by him are:


  • Done retrofit in Washing plant to increase the washer capacity.
  • Installed two new digesters to increase the pulp production.
  • Undergone retrofit at bleach plant to increase the pulp bleaching throughput.
  • Installed Pressure screening system to increase the pulp cleanliness.
  • Established additional clarifier to improve the bleach liquor clarity.
  • Started additional stage in pulp centric leaning system to improve the bleach pulp cleanliness


  Various Projects completed by him;

  • Installed DCS operation at digester house and wash plant.
  • Design and installed oxygen delignification plant at pre-bleaching stage.
  • Installed oxygen – hydrogen peroxide reinforced extraction stage in  Bleaching.                     
  • Commissioning of Blow Heat Recovery system at digester house.
  • Installation of Hot Stock Screening system before pulp washing.

Other than this Anuj Singal believes in knowledge up gradation. Various studies are in progress;

  • Use of enzyme in pulp bleaching.
  • Study on chlorine dioxide and ozone bleaching.
  • Use of cooking aid / antraquinone in digester cooking.