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Vritika Herbotech 

About Company:
We are Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers of Aloe Vera Products, Amla Juice, Wheat grass powder and Herbal products. A professionally managed company, is one of the market leaders in Aloe Vera and nutritional products. The company is promoted by "Mr. T. P. Tiwari, M. Sc. Agriculture", who has been exposed to more than 6 years in research, marketing of herbal products.

We have a highly sophisticated plant at Jaipur where we extract gel from Aloe Vera plants, process them in highly scientific way at our lab and manufacture world class Aloe Vera products in the brand name of - Vritika Herbotech. The products include Aloe Vera natural Gel, Aloe Vera Juice. The Aloe Vera juice manufactured at our unit meets the international quality standards.

In addition, we have our own arrangement of Aloe Vera plantation in Rajasthan with the facility of microbiological lab and test equipments to ensure the quality of the Aloe Vera leaves as well as the Aloe Vera juice. Empowered with such infrastructure element combined with our highly skilled workforce, we excel in our field and have the ability to provide you world class products, with ease.

Driven by competitiveness, customer satisfaction is our priority, we are a customer-focused company. Our all India operations, strong supply chain management and operational excellence combine together in supplying of high quality products. We endeavor to address our clients' needs by providing high quality, reliable and value added products at a competitive price.

Our Assurance, facilities, Efficient Distribution Network, Customer satisfaction are strength of our company.

The company has state-of-the art production unit with sophisticated machines. It has a team of highly experienced staff with decades of experience in their respective fields. The research and development department professionals are toiling round the clock to come up with some highly developed products.

Vritika Herbotech has a competent team of qualified scientists to carry out its activities. The team has experts in the fields of molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology, plant genetic engineering, biochemistry and medicine. Highly distinguished scientific advisors and consultants back Vritika Herbotech.

We do not promise or guarantee cures for everything, but we do know, from our own experience, that the regular use of our Aloe Vera products, as well as our nutritional supplements, can improve your health and well being.

VRITIKA products are sold in all over india - and have been in the market place for 6 years. If you are interested in earning additional income and gaining financial freedom. Click Here for further information about joining our team of distributors.
Company Vritika Herbotech
Address 1082, Kishan Marg, Barkat Nagar Jaipur - 15, Rajasthan (India)
Telephone +91 9785642722
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Contact Person T. P. Tiwari
Designation Managing Director
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Industry Type : Beverages
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Company Establishment : 2003
No. of Employee : 15
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