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Temperature Transmitter Hart with 4 to 20 mA output

Product Name : Temperature Transmitter
Price : on demand
Brand : VAutomat
Shipping Port : Mumbai-India
Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set
Supply Capacity : as required
Payment Terms : LC or TT
Total View : 999
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Company : V.Automat & Instruments Pvt Ltd
Address : F-61 Okhla industrial Area Phase-1 New Delhi 110020
Telephone: 011-47627200
Fax : 011-47627243
Country India
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Contact Person Bilal Umar
Designation Engineer Mktg
Short Description
Buy Temperature Transmitter, Protocol: Hart, output: 4 to 20 mA, origin: India
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Product Lead Detailed Description 1

Temperature Transmitter Series 3100/2300 is highly accurate, cost effective and is available with HARTprotocol. It is

galvanically isolated and has internal temperature sensor for active temperature compensation. It is also available in head

mounted and 2” pipe mounting (field) version.


·         Calibration by HART calibrator

·         2 Wire technology with 4-20mA output.

·         Universal transmitter (R TD,T/C, resistance, voltage) settable via HART-protocol

·         Universal setting with HART-protocol for various input signals (2 Wire)

·         Galvanic isolation

·         An internal temperature sensor for active temperature compensation

·         Blind transmitter series 2300 also available



Series: 3100/2300

Universal Input

RTD: Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000

T/C : B,E,J,K,N,R,S,T

OHM: 0.....10kΩ

mV: -100....200mV

Other input: on request

Output signal : 4-20mA

+ HART protocol

Supply voltage : 7.5 V.....45 Vdc

Load Max : 600 Ω at 24 Vdc

Ambient temperature: -40 to 85ºC

Cold junction : Internal

Galvanic isolation : 2k V

AC (in/Out) Adjustability : ± 20% of span

Linearity: ± 0.25% of span

Accuracy: ± 0.25% of span.( ± 0.1% on request)

Response time: within 1 second.

Adjustment: Zero & span are adjustable by two push button/HHC

Mounting : 2” pipe mounting

Damping: 0-32 second

contact us for your buying requirement.

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temperature transmitter
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About Company:
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a 30 years old ISO 9001 process control instruments manufacturing Company. Because of our efforts in R&D activities for developing high technology products, we have won 3 National Awards & the President of India was also pleased to give us a cash prize of Rs.1 lac in recognition of our R&D activities. Further, we feel pleasure in giving details regarding our Company and our products as follows:- COMPANY We are an ISO 9001 certified company with its Head Office and works At Delhi. We are manufacturing and marketing (through branch network through out India) various process control instruments for the last 30 years. INDUSTRY We are catering to the need of the industries namely Power Plant & Ancillaries, Petro Chemical Plant, Refinery, Fertilizer, Water Distribution and Effluent Plant etc. REGISTRATIONS We are already registered with DIRECTORATE OF QUALITY ASSURANCE (WARSHIP PROJECTS) with vide Registration no. SS-DDP-GDE-II-0594(V) Dt 06042009 and most of the renowned consultants like Ms. EIL, PDIL, DALAL Consultant, TATA Consultant etc. CUSTOMERS Some of our prestigious customers are Ms. NTPC, BHEL, IOCL, OIL, GAIL, ONGC, BPCL, SAIL, BARC etc. and many other private organizations. PRODUCTS To monitor, transmit, control, indicate for any liquid Like Oil, Acid, Water, Hydro Carbon etc., we are offering the followings: TRANSMITTERS: For remote indication and controlling of level of liquid & solids. 1. Radar Level Transmitter 2. Displacement Level Transmitter 3. Differential Pressure Transmitter 4. Differential Pressure Level Transmitter 5. Pressure Transmitter 6. Ultrasonic Type (For Liquid & Solid Up To 50 Meters.) 7. Magnetic Type Indicator and Transmitter 8. Float Type Transmitter ANALYZERS: 1. Water Analyzer (a) Combined Combustion Catalytic Oxidation and NDIR Method (TOC) Technology (b) UV-Vis Spectro-Photometry (Entire Spectrum Scanning) Technology 2. Gas Analyzer (a) Ex Situ Type (b) In Situ Type LEVEL SWITCHES: To give an electrical change over contact at any set valve of the Liquid in a tanksilo etc For controlling annunciation or actuation etc 1. Float Operated (externalinternal mounting) 2. Displacer Type (externalinternal mounting) 3. Ultrasonic Level Switch (Non Contact Type) 4. Balloon Type (internal mounting) 5. Vibration Type (Solid Viscous and Sticky Material 6. Capacitance Level Switch INDICATORS: For Visual Level Indication Locally 1. Level Gauge (Reflex, Transparent, Tubular) 2. Magnetic Level Gauge (Colored Rollers Type) 3. Float and Chord Type CONTROL VALVE ACCESSORIES: 1. Smart Positioner 2. Electro-Pneumatic Positioner 3. Pneumatic-Pneumatic Positioner 4. Air Filter Regulator 5. Limit Switch GAS LEAK DETECTION: For Combustible, Toxic Gases and Oxygen Deficiency, we INSTRUMENTS offer the followings: 1. LPGCNG Gas Leak Switch 2. Gas Leak Detection Instruments (Alarms Transmitter). Portable, Wall Mounted and Panel Mounted types ULTRASONIC FLOW 1. For open channel 2. Portable type with clamp on sensors All these instruments are available in different variety of connections and orientation with different material of construction to suit the process requirements and are also certified approved and evaluated by different competent authorities. For more information you can browse our web site – www.vautomat.com. We are also sending herewith our condensed catalogue 5000 L – 9 & 5000L – 10 for your ready reference. We request you to kindly register our firm for the supply of above instruments to enable us to serve your esteemed organization to the best of our ability. Thanking you Yours truly, For V.Automat & Instruments Pvt. Ltd BILAL UMAR Engineer MARKETING Mobile: +91-9312092734

VAutomat Temperature Transmitter Manufacturer,VAutomat Temperature Transmitter Exporter,VAutomat Temperature Transmitter Supplier, Importer and Trader from India
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