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Sharp Corp Limited 

About Company:
Sharp Group
Mint-terpene Chemistry: Sharp Menthol India Limited is a large mint ingredients producer and exporter in the world, with an impressive list of top global FMCG and pharmaceutical clients. The mint products have application in flavoring oral care products, food products and used in cosmetics and personal hygiene products. Mint products, namely Menthol is also a pharma active ingredient used in cough medicines, skin creams, analgesic and decongestants preparation for chest and sinuses.
Agri Products: Sharp Corp & associates are one of the large agri business players in India, with business interests in pulses and edible oils, who are fully integrated into global supply chain of these product groups for last 60 years.
Sharp Corp Limited is a part of the diversified Sharp Group of companies with top line of about USD0.5 billion. Sharp Corp limited is one of the leading Agri business players in India, focusing on two major sectors – Pulses and Edible Oils. The company's operations are fully integrated into the supply chain of these products at the global level. The company endeavor is to make superior quality pulses and edible oils available to customer across the world at competitive prices.
Sharp Corp Limited's sister company, Sharp Menthol India Limited is a leading global player in the Mint ingredients industry. Its products find application in FMCG, Pharmaceutical and the Flavors & Fragrances industries across the globe. Visit Sharp Menthol India Limited website at www.sharpmenthol.com
The Sharp Group started its journey in 1942 – a year of great significance in Indian history. The political leadership, espousing the nationalist cause, was bringing together the masses to raise a collective call for the country's independence. Along with political freedom the country also wanted economic freedom for its toiling masses predominantly consisting of farmers. The country aspired to be free from the economic clutches of its foreign rulers.
Drawing inspiration from these historic developments, Late Shri Ramji Lal Singhal founded one of the first indigenous pulse mill in Delhi in 1942. This formed the beginning of the Sharp Group's successful journey. The Sharp group is currently led by Shri. Jai Prakash Singhal. Under his able leadership, the business went a long way in transforming itself into a true global agri business player.
The Sharp Group has business interests ranging from Menthol and other mint based ingredients, trading in agriculture commodities to providing brokerage services. With its corporate office in Delhi, the Sharp Group has branch offices in Mumbai and Kolkata (India) and in Singapore and USA.
Sharp Corp Limited – A global Agri business player
Company Sharp Corp Limited
Address Sharp House, Plot no. 9, LSC, Gujranwala Town-1, Delhi – 110009, INDIA
Telephone +91-9818495050
Country Flag
Contact Person Rupendra Nath Dutta
Designation Head Institutional Sales
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Agro Products
Company Type : Limited
Company Establishment : 1942
No. of Employee : 600
Company Turnover : 50m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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