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Shanghai Pump Manufacture Co.,Ltd. 

About Company:
Professional manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, application area are power plant, irrigation, civil water supply, sewage treatment, etc.
Company Shanghai Pump Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Address NO.228 Guangda Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
Telephone 0086-21-64630468
Fax: 0086-21-37595009
Country Flag
Contact Person Doris Wang
Designation Export manager
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Service Response,Quality, Delivery,Technical, Commercial
Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Industrial Machinery
Company Type : Pvt Ltd.
Company Establishment : 1930
No. of Employee : 450
Company Turnover : 50m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
Verification Status :
Company Website: (paid members)
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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