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Polypet Flexible Packaging Private Limited 

About Company:
We have the immense pleasure to introduce our company Ms. Polypet Flexible Packaging Pvt., Ltd., engaged to manufacture multilayer LDPE high barrier film for lamination and pouches with or without printing. We have installed and commissioned the State-of-Art multilayer co-extrusion plant specially designed for our specific application by 1 lines of Windsor's and 2 line of Rajoo Engineers and one line of 5 layer-100% equiped with Plast Control Germany installed by RAJOO ENGINEERS LIMITED to produce high quality barrier film. Having various features to produce high quality LDPE film. The machine is capable to produce tailor made product with very low gauge variation within the limit of + 4 micron with the capacity of around 550 tons per month.
Need of good packaging to protect product while its long storage, a monolayer of one material composition will not be suitable. The development of multilayer film in different compositions has helped much to overcome this challenge. Choice of multilayer film's composition is a major role in order to protect products packed in it. Selected each layer of co-extruded film have full capacity to perform its own nature to fight with all climate. This structure of film protecting the product packed inside as it is within the stipulated guarantee time of product.
Company Polypet Flexible Packaging Private Limited
Address M-4 MIDC.Hingna Industrial Area, Nagpur- 440016
Telephone +91-7104-645048, +91
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Contact Person Ritesh Amidwar
Designation Director
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Converter-Plastic
Company Type : Limited Liability Company
Company Establishment : 2004
No. of Employee : 50
Company Turnover : 20m USD but 30m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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