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Pickle Tickle 

About Company:
Yours Pickle Tickle is committed to make your meal tastier and delightful.
There are no synthetic colours and artificial ingredients.
There are no preservatives like Sodium Benzoate, EDTA and not even Vinegar. Yours Pickle Tickle will simply melt in your mouth and there will be no belching and acidity later.
Yours Pickle Tickle is naturally fermented under continuous supervision of our expert staff and aged in natural sunlight continuously for around 21 days.
Herbs, spices and fruits like mango in yours Pickle Tickle make it a good source of anti-oxidants. As stated by dieticians & doctors, antioxidants are those micronutrients that help in protecting your body against the attacks of free radicals. Scientists believe these free radicals are responsible for numerous age-related issues. These herbs and spices also have anti-microbial properties that aid in digestion.
We select only big, raw and juicy mangoes which are then thoroughly washed by RO water.
We use premium quality oil & ingredients and limited amount of salt in making our pickles. Since we don’t use any preservatives and artificial ingredients therefore we cannot compromise with quality of oil and other ingredients for maintaining our pickles standards and reputation. It’s a 100% natural taste without any artificial flavours.
Now enjoy your meal morning, noon and night with our mouth-watering and delicious mango pickle.
A 100% Handmade Premium Quality Pickle with Homemade savour.
Yours Pickle Tickle can make a big difference in taste while eating it with Paranthas, Daal Bhaat, Chole Bathure, Khichdi, Rajma Chaawal and even with any-time snacks. Some of our customers have even tried with momos and pizzas and liked the experience. You can also experiment the taste with different dishes to make it an awesome delightful experience.
Company Pickle Tickle
Address India
Telephone +91-8527587133
Country India
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Contact Person The Director
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Foods Products
Company Type : Other
Company Establishment : 2006
No. of Employee : 50
Company Turnover : Less than 1m USD
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Mango Pickle, Aam Ka Achar - Manufacturers, Exporters, India

Category : Pickles
Country : India
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