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NCL Industries Limited 

About Company:
The Genesis of NCL Industries Limited (CIN No. L33130AP1979PLC002521) can be
traced to the Golden Era of entrepreneurial development in Andhra Pradesh of the
early 1980’s. This period marked the emergence of a number of individual
entrepreneurs whose founding enterprises evolved into well established industrial
Nagarjuna Cement Limited, as the Company was known then, established a mini
cement plant at Mattapalli in Nalgonda District to augment the supply of scarce
cement with relatively low investment. This has turned out to be a resounding
success. The cement produced under the brand name ‘Nagarjuna’ established a
premium brand image in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The company
expanded the capacity of the cement plant in stages from 200 TPD to 900 TPD.
Also, during the early nineties, NCL diversified its offering by commissioning a
particle board plant near its cement plant for the manufacture of ‘Bison Panels’ in
technical collaboration with Bison Werke of Germany, the world leaders in particle
board technology. NCL has carried out considerable research and development, and
introduced a cement bonded particle board suitable for Indian conditions that has the
flexibility and adoptability to suit varying requirements.
Nagarjuna Cement has seen an exponential growth in productivity and turnover.
Cement production capacity increased in two stages.
During stage one, clinker capacity increased from 900 tons to 1800 tons at Mattapalli
by commissioning a grinding unit at Kondapalli to produce 1000 tons of cement per
day, thereby producing a total of 1900 tons per day.
During stage two, a 3000 tons per day clinker unit at Mattapalli was commissioned to
produce an additional 2000 tons per day of cement at Mattapalli and another 2000
tons per day of cement at Kondapalli. A total of 5900 tons per day is being produced
which amounts to 2 million tons per annum. Cement production includes Portland
Pozzolana Cement (PPC) & Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Stage two expansion
also includes a railway siding at Kondapalli which will be commissioned shortly.
After a spurt in demand for pre­fabricated structures, the capacity of the particle
boards factory needed further expansion. Consequently, another Bison plant with
increased capacity was commissioned at Poanta Sahib in Himachal Pradesh. This
factory is able to meet the demand of the North Indian market which has resulted in
considerable savings in freight expenditure.
The Prefab Division has registered considerable turnover by undertaking large­scale
turnkey projects across the country.
NCL's Energy Division's completed hydel power project on right main canal of
Company NCL Industries Limited
Address Raghava Ratna Towers, 7th Floor, Abids, Hyderabad-1, India.
Telephone +91-40-23202548
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Contact Person K. Ravi
Designation Managing Director
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Building and Constructions
Company Type : Limited
Company Establishment : 1980
No. of Employee : 1000
Company Turnover : 40m USD but 50m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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