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Minor Forest Produce Processing And Research Centre (MFP-PARC) 

About Company:
Ayurvedic drug production operations are supervised by well qualified & highly experienced Ayurveda professionals. The center has a state of the art processing facility to produce herbal and ayurvedic products from natural herbs and other ingredients. Currently, the center is producing about 350 classical and patented herbal products under GMP certification. For this production activity, the raw materials are procured mainly through the primary forest produce co-operative societies. In addition to these societies, the raw material is also procured from JFMCs, self help groups and cultivators of MAPs.
The classical and patent Ayurvedic herbal products comprises of Single Herbal Churna; Classical herbal churna, Ayurvedic oils, Asavas and Arishtas, VatiGutika Tablet, Guggulu, RasMandurBhasma, PakAvlehas; Patent creamsointments, Patent capsules and other items such as Neutraceticals, Dental powders and Aonla supari etc. Nearly 350 tonnes of raw material is consumed and processed annually.


The unit is equipped with GSP (Good Storage Practices) storage facilities for raw material storage sourced from primary societies. Total go-downing capacity housed in the campus is 550 tonnes. These facilities were developed with the assistance made available by NMPB (National Medicinal Plant Board), Ministry of Tribal Affairs and MFP Federation.

Some of the unique specialty of products manufactured in MFP-PARC under Vindhya Herbals brand are-
• Product of a unit which is a largest successful cooperative body in the state.
• Mostly all products are organic in nature.
• Our products are tested in state-of-the-art in-house laboratory.
• Most of the raw material is sourced from village level minor forest produce cooperative societies.
• ISO 9001: 2008, EMS 14001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified unit.
• Training programs are also organized for IFS officers, State Forest Departments Officers, State Admin Services, Research Scholars, PG and UG students etc.
• Training programs are organized to inculcate awareness about good harvesting practices among the collectors of medicinal & aromatic plants.
• Training programs are also organized for farmers to impart agro-techniques associated with medicinal plants cultivation.
• Profits are paid back to the primary cooperative societies
Company Minor Forest Produce Processing And Research Centre (MFP-PARC)
Address Van Parisar, Barkhera Pathani, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh- 462021
Telephone +91-755-2970629
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Contact Person The Director
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