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Mawasi Industries 

About Company:
Mawasi Industries is a “ONE STOP SHOP” for making tools, dies, components and sub assemblies. We are precision tool, die and component makers for sheet metal (any type), plastic(Injection moulding), Aluminum and Zinc die casting etc. We strive to use technology as an aid to add value, speed of delivery and quality to every ToolMouldComponent that we produce. We try to achieve 100% on time delivery by paying close attention to details and by getting it right the first time. Our broad range of services will reduce your product launch time and will also save the hassle associated with dealing with multiple suppliers.

At Mawasi concept becomes manufacturing reality.........
The Mawasi tool room is today a " One stop shop" providing a wide spectrum of tooling, through focussed group of specialties, covering products like Thermoplastic, Injection Moulds, Thermosets Compression Moulds, vacuum forming Moulds, Pressure Die-Casting, Jigs, fixture, Gauges, Complex Progressive Press Tools.

Tool Room
Component Production
• CNC - VMC ( HAAS) - 1
• CNC - VMC Hartford - 1
• EDM-Electronica - 3 VMM (DRD) Electramill - 1
• V Milling - M1- TR (Type)-2
• Surface Grinder - 3
• Radial Drill MC - 40mm - 1
• All Tool Room necessary machines

• Sheet Metal Press Shop
• Power Press 2 Ton - 50 Ton
• Moulding Shop 10 gr - 400gr
• Die Casting Shop 10 Tom PTC

Major Inspection Faclities

• Microflat Surface Plate with height Gauge ( 900 * 600 mm)
• Vernier Callipers upto 600 mm
• Bore Dial Gauge uptp 235 mm
• Master Slip Gauge Set
• All neccessary inspection Gauges & Components
Company Mawasi Industries
Address WZ - 67 Khyala, New Delhi 110018 ( INDIA )
Telephone +91-9868106496
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Contact Person The Director
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Industrial Spares
Company Type : Other
Company Establishment : 2005
No. of Employee : 40
Company Turnover : Less than 1m USD
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