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DASMESH ENGINEERING WORKS was set in 1958 under the supervision of S. Jaswant Singh (Sr. Managing Partner) & S.Bakhshish Singh (Managing Partner). We are the one of the leading manufacturers of water meters in the country & their spare parts (Also registered with DGS & D, New Delhi). We are the only manufacturers in INDIA with such a large Range of sizes of Meters. We have also developed Multi-Jet Dry Dial, Magnetic Driven, water meters (with World-Class technology having International Standards).

By producing the quality meters in quantity having a strong hold on the local market, We have also been able to earn foreign exchange for the country, and have also been honoured with the UDYOG PATRA AWARD from the Vice-President of India. Presently the DASMESH WATER METERS has reached the Water Channels of the Pyramid country Egypt, the cotton country Sudan the oldest Hindu Kingdom of the world Nepal, the coffee and ivory country of Ethopia, of gold fields and river Juba Kenya, the jute country with muslim heritage Bangladesh etc.

Water is becoming more and more scarce. Drought is a major problem in a growing no. of countries. Water is no longer an endless resource & cannot be taken for granted. DASMESH WATER METERS facilities throughout the world apply advanced technologies to help Water Works, Municipalities or wholesalers in measuring & managing this very precious resource.

DASMESH WATER METERS focuses its main resources in marketing the most reliable & convenient designs. The expertise and the commitment of Dasmesh Meters to research and development ensures technological excellence.
Address 35, East Mohan Nagar, Industrial Area, Amritsar - 143006 (India)
Telephone 91-93563-36872
Country India
Country Flag
Contact Person S. Jaswant Singh
Designation Managing Partner
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Industrial Machinery
Company Type : Trading Partership
Company Establishment : 1958
No. of Employee : 45
Company Turnover : 1m USD but 5m USD
International Standards : Figure
Member of Association : Figure
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Membership Type : Free Membership
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