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Arora Foods India 

About Company:
For almost a decade, Arora Foods has been launching an extensive product range to cater to different cuisines and preferences. Our brand name FunTop is given to our exclusive range of food products. Since 2005, Arora Foods has expanded operations and its product range to include noodles in the past few years. Enjoying swift growth, we have frequently connected with our customers and attempted to provide them with products they would be proud to use. With the objective of livening up your meal, we offer you accompaniments including spicy lip smacking pickles, twisty sauces, delectable jams, noodles, Preserves and more.
One of the leading manufacturing companies in food industry, Arora Foods (India) currently manufactures and sells a wide range of Snack Topping products including white and brown vinegar, pickles, tomato ketchup, murabba, noodles, sauces, and jam. Our range of sauces includes everything from Tomato Ketchup, Snack Sauce, Red and green chili sauces, Soya Sauce, Vinegar& continental sauce. Our jam at Arora Foods (India) is inclusive of Mixed fruit, Pineapple, Mango, Apple and Orange Marmalade. Extracting fresh fruit and vegetable pulps from handpicked varieties; Arora Foods (India) promises top quality and purity in every bottle. Chosen with care, formulated with precision and manufactured with the latest processing technology, we believe in putting quality over everything.
With the intention of preserving nutritional value and quality in all our products, we send each of our extracts, spices and condiments through multiple processes to ensure purity. Additionally, we employ an extensive team of food and nutrition experts, production experts and other professionals to oversee every aspect of production. Right from determining the perfect blend of spices to ensuring that each sample has been sealed tight, we are in high demand on a national and international scale. Our love for traditional flavors paired with our need to experiment with new ones creates one of the best selling products on the shelves.
At Arora Foods (India), we take pride in offering authentic flavors and textures for Indian, Chinese and Continental tastes. Being one of the fastest growing food processing organizations in the country, we offer a diverse product range that caters to your everyday needs. You can trust our intensive need for quality and taste and take home any of our products to add flavor to any dish.
Company Arora Foods India
Address B-3 , Udyog Puram, Delhi Road, Partapur Meerut- 250103 ( India )
Telephone +91-121-6521268
Country Flag
Contact Person The Director
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Business Activity : Manufacturer
Industry Type : Foods Products
Company Type : Other
Company Establishment : 2005
No. of Employee : 40
Company Turnover : Less than 1m USD
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