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Approach Entertainment 

About Company:
Approach Entertainment : Integrated Celebrity Management, Films Productions, Events and Entertainment Marketing Solutions Entertainment Industry has been growing steadfastly, and has risen to become an independent industry in itself with various segments gaining popularity. The mantra of the day is to present an event, private or business with seamless efficiency. We, Approach Entertainment, India\'s Leading Celebrity Management, Films Productions, Events and Entertainment Marketing company, with diverse business interests, are a group of people with a futuristic vision, and possess a penchant for flawless and seamless execution of all events that are associated with us.
The world strives on the ‘seeing is believing’ concept, and since our inception in 2004, we are counted in as the leading Celebrity Management, Films Productions, Events and Entertainment Marketing Group, backed by concrete results, fresh and innovative concepts that are miles ahead of the present times. Last 7 years of business involving giant clients networks have given us the confidence and the vision of being India’s top Integrated Marketing Group. By applying the simple technique of using all communication tools effectively together to create a harmony, with their sums being greater than individual parts, and thus giving us the direction of achieving our targets, personal as well as professional.
With diverse interests and verticals in Celebrity Management, Ad Film Productions, Films Productions, Events and Films and Entertainment Marketing, we have come to be known as a complete and integrated marketing communications solutions company for all your personal and professional requirements.
What makes us special is our approach, we believe in cultivating relationships, not just signing business deals, our strength being our ability to relate to human emotions. We stand out from the crowd and compete with high standards of quality and efficiency, rather than costs. We have the talent, fresh, young innovative minds and the expertise of industry gurus, a perfect blend of these two resulting in some mind blowing, beautiful and result oriented events, entertainment, Films, Audio Visual Productions and communications. Creativity is our forte, but we use it innovatively and sprinkle some skillful management to create the most authentic and stunning public and personal events.
For catering to our huge and diverse clientele, we have come up with a strategic specialized division for Events Management, Celebrity and Talent Management, Entertainment Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Films Productions, Film Marketing, Casting and Entertainment Business Consultancy Approach Entertainment.
Approach Entertainment holding specialized portfolios in the fields of Celebrity, Artists and Talent Management, Film Productions, Line Productions for Films, Events Management, Film Marketing with a vision and expertise of the best talent in industry
Company Approach Entertainment
Address 72, 7th Floor, Juhu Groto Apartments, Next to Sangeeta Society, Off Juhu Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai
Telephone 9820965004
Fax: 26606242
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Contact Person Sonu Tyagi
Designation Director
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Company Establishment : 2004
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