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ANUJTHERM is an organisation that provides multi products and services for steel plants, forging units by way of latest design, Induction Furnace , induction billet heaters and lining vibrator for induction furnaces.

This company has been founded by Mr. Vinod Garg, who has a vast experience in this field of 30 years.He worked with Induction Manufacturing company on various senior posts.

We, in Anuj Therm, understand the need of our customers about the technicality of the product they want.We are based in Faridabad , having sales and service team of well qualified engineers and marketting professionals.

Based in Faridabad, the company is headed by multi talented people who have years of experience in the business of steel engineered products. Be it sourcing the best vendors, investing in superior preservatives and having the best R&D facility, inhouse , or to constantly improve and develop products. Anuj Therm, continuously makes efforts to explore , learn, and initiate latest technologies for developing cost reduction, quality improvement, quick process implementations, stringent process controls and efficient product line to cater Indian and Overseas customers.

From manufacturing conventional 6 Pulse Induction Melting Furnaces to 12 Pulse & 24 Pulse high voltage Induction Melting Furnaces. State of art digital 'ASIC control Series Inverter Furnaces are feather in its Cap. Equipment designs are continuously upgraded to incorporate advanced features latest in the world, to give an edge to its customers by retaining competitiveness.

Induction Furances are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent quality standards. HI-REL Components are used in PCB's to stand high ambient temperatures and adverse operational conditions. PCB's are put to various electronic and environmental tests. High quality EC grade copper conductors are used at all the places.
Emphasis is given on electronic, electrical and mechanical safety systems. Hightest quality workmanship and layout planning ensures smooth running and ease of maintenance. The high Speed Tripping Curcuit is unique design feature of Series Inverter Furnaces. The system detects fault condition in a few micro-seconds and trips the furnace. This prevents costly devices and other components from damage.
Highly efficient and simple de-mineralized and soft water cooling circuits protect the system from over temperature and low pressure.
Address E-172, Sector-11, YMCA Road, Faridabad. (India)
Telephone +91 9811013208
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Contact Person Vinod Garg
Designation CEO
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